What Is the Difference between CDP and CRM Solutions?

Customer data platforms (CDPs) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are both tools businesses use to manage and organize customer data. While they do have similarities, there are also some key differences between CDPs and CRMs. For example, CRMs consolidate and store data, while CDPs unify your data across platforms. In this post, you will … Read more

How Much Is Your Log Worth?

You will want your log to be of a higher monetary value, however, the estimator will want the same log to be at a lower value. Therefore, in order to assign the appropriate selling price for your log you should opt for a professional’s advice such as timber loggers in Illinois. They will also advise … Read more

Popshop Live secures $20M as Funding at a $100M Valuation

popshop live series 20mlundentechcrunch

Popshop is pretty popular among hipsters as the platform caters to their requests effectively. It is common to witness standard and popular TV services put shopping television shows on the map to attract a sizeable number of users. However, the notion of Livestream commerce received an entirely new dimension in the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers and … Read more

Twitter iOS Android Perez Techcrunch

twitter ios androidpereztechcrunch

The first half of 2022 saw a small increase in global app expenditure to $65 billion from $64.4 billion in 2021 as the pandemic-fuelled hypergrowth abated. However, generally, the app economy is still expanding. According to the most recent year-end figures, the combined iOS and Google Play stores saw a record amount of downloads and … Read more

Czech-based Rohlik raised $230M of funding led by Partech

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With the rapid development of technology, doorstep food delivery service has made its way to one of the most profitable sectors that have attracted the attention of investors. From delivering meal kits to on-demand groceries or ready-made orders from the nearest restaurants, it acts as a time saver for most of the population. It has … Read more