How Much Is Your Log Worth?

You will want your log to be of a higher monetary value, however, the estimator will want the same log to be at a lower value. Therefore, in order to assign the appropriate selling price for your log you should opt for a professional’s advice such as timber loggers in Illinois. They will also advise you on how to carry out effective logging activities as it will help you get the best price out of certain tree species. This will also help you to maintain the valuable species of trees. Other advantages that the advisor will provide you are listed below:

You will know where to sell your log

You won’t be able to sell your logs effectively if you don’t know whom to sell them to. It also won’t be beneficial to you if the buyer is not ready to pay you an appropriate price. However, the logging process proves to be worthless if you do not have a buyer at all. On the other hand, if the quantity of logs that you have is less than the truckload, no buyer will readily purchase the logs at a higher price.

You will know the actual value of your tree

Sometimes people assume that the older the tree the more value it will hold. However, that is not how the logging process works. For example, in the case of a walnut tree, it is important to know the height from the ground in order to sell the logs.

The importance of veneer logs

The veneer log is usually sold at a higher price because of its quality. Veneer logs are the most ideal types of logs which look like they’ve just come from a log factory. However, these logs are not easily found. The main reason behind this is that they are not found in the yards but are present in remote forest-based areas.

You will get to know if the logs have metal in them

Most of the yard trees have metals in them. These metals include nails, wires, chains, hooks, etc. These metals stain the quality of the wood. The buyers will not buy logs if the quality has deteriorated.

They will help you get experience

If you are a beginner at selling logs you will not know the right way to price your logs. However, over time you will start gaining experience concerning this. Through the experience, you can also study your products and price them at an appropriate price. A potential buyer will take an advantage of your situation if they know that you are a beginner. Also, if you are not a regular seller you will never know what can be a potential problem for the buyer.

The above-mentioned points will help you study your logs first so that you can price them accordingly. To know more about the worth of your logs you should get a professional’s advice. They will also provide you with effective methods with the help of which you can manage your woods and improve the productivity of your trees.