A Brief History From KuCoin About Bitcoin Dominance


A prominent cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade currencies is called KuCoin. The platform enables leverage, futures, and P2P trade. In addition to standard trading choices. Users can obtain rewards by lending or staking their bitcoin. KuCoin boasts lower trading expenses than its competitors, making it an appealing option. KuCoin is majorly headquartered in Seychelles. The exchange was built in 2017. It presently has over 10 million members and a presence in more nations. 

Since its creation, it has developed into one of the largest worldwide exchanges by trading volume. Although U.S. customers can register for a KuCoin account. Their access to some functionalities is restricted. Since KuCoin has an American operating license. Given this, opening an account might come with certain dangers. You might be unable to withdraw your holdings if U.S. officials decide to tighten down on KuCoin. Some interpreting features of Kucoin is mining pool.

What exactly is Bitcoin Dominance, and how does it work?

As the number of currencies grows daily. Traders are constantly looking for fresh trends that might aid them in spotting. And developing patterns for successful trading.

The Bitcoin domination ratio is a metric that traders use to help them gauge the state of the market for Cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin and trading pairs like sweat usdt . This is carried out to enable traders to make better-informed trading choices. It could be feasible to decide. If selling other cryptocurrencies is preferable to trading Bitcoin. If you make the most of Bitcoin’s dominance. Bitcoin dominance, Bitcoin dominance ratio, and Bitcoin dominance index are all words that traders frequently use interchangeably.

The consequences of Bitcoin domination

Finding out about Bitcoin’s dominance is a wonderful starting point. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies. However, we will advise against beginning trade before mastering all the essentials. If you don’t have the opportunity or find it difficult to interpret these symptoms. Don’t worry; we’re here to assist.

For cryptocurrency pairings traded on exchanges like KuCoin and others .KuCoin provides trading indications. It offers insights through instructional trading analysis on websites. Like TradingView, Youtube, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram.

BTC domination can be deciphered by the overall  BTC usage and value percentage. It is computed by dividing the market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) by the market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

Why, therefore, is it significant? Traders have used BTC dominance to determine. If alternative currencies are trending upwards or downwards about bitcoin. For instance, a common belief is that if altcoin prices rise. 

Well, do you know what’s most interesting?. This market of digital crypto is full of demand with lots of boost ups. For instance, in 2017, a major fall in BTC’s dominance signified an increase in altcoin prices (rather than a decline in BTC’s price). Thus, this way molded the market into the phase of bull.

The phrase Bitcoin dominance refers to Bitcoin’s share of the entire cryptocurrency market capitalisation. It may help you understand the trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The most important component of Bitcoin dominance is that it can reveal altcoins. Which are now experiencing a falling or increasing trend about BTC.

The overall market capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry is calculated by adding the million in order of all active cryptocurrencies. According to market capitalisation, Bitcoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world. Commanding a sizable portion of trade activity.

Following the debut of Ether and the ERC-20 tokens standard. The prominence of initial coin offerings (ICOs) resulted in a dramatic drop in BTC dominance. Bitcoin’s market share is frequently influenced by “alt seasons,”. In which competing cryptocurrency gain market share relative to Bitcoin.

What role does Bitcoin Dominance play?

First and most importantly, this shows that Bitcoin continues to be the most valued cryptocurrency. As the most popular and widely traded cryptocurrency. Its current valuation is, naturally. The highest. Bitcoin dominance is crucial because it indicates the extent to which bitcoin is impacted by the cryptocurrency sector. A high degree of bitcoin dominance means that bitcoin has a higher impact than other cryptocurrencies. Depending on your perspective, this could be a positive or negative thing.


Bitcoin’s market share has decreased as the Altcoin market has grown. In terms of market capitalisation. Bitcoin remains the world’s largest cryptocurrency. It remains to be seen if any cryptocurrency will ever dominate the crypto industry as much as Bitcoin has.